Park Sun Ae

The Woman With the Visions


Park Sun Ae is now an elderly Korean woman, though she appears much younger than her chronological age. She rarely speaks English, preferring her native Korean. She has also gained a reputation as a prophet, though she has little patience for the werewolves who come to her pack’s territory hoping she will lay out their futures for them.


Park Sun Ae was born in North Korea close to a century ago, and a famine led to her family leaving her out on the rocks one night. In the morning, however, they discovered her, wrapped in warm blankets, cooing on top of a basket of food. Her family thanked every god they knew and made sure that Sun was well fed and cared for thereafter until she vanished in the night at age 14. Sun then traveled the world with her new family, a traveling pack of werewolves until such time as she underwent her Rite of Initiation and eventually formed her own pack for the first time.

Park Sun Ae

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