Obadiah Pickering

The Man With the Family


Now in his late 80s (only he knows for sure how old), he’s no longer the picture of health. He lost his left eye, and the wound will never heal. He covers it with a patch when he’s going to be among ordinary people, but he leaves the darkened socket open to the air among family or other werewolves.


Obadiah Pickering is the aging patriarch of the Pickering clan. He still possesses an imposing presence – he can shut down a rowdy young cub with a glare. His eye has seen beauties and horrors beyond even the imaginings of most werewolves. As a young Uratha, he traveled the world with a younger pack, seeking out hidden and forbidden places. At once such place, a Bale Hound nest in Calcutta, he lost his left eye. He claims it was a fair price for putting a stop to the blasphemous events he witnessed.

Obadiah rules his family like a feudal despot, and no one in the family dares stand up to him — including the other Uratha. The human Pickerings are completely terrified of the old man. Obadiah has no patience for anyone these days and has been known to fly into a rage when a cup of coffee is spilled or some other disruption occurs. He cannot abide anyone, hating all races and creeds with equal venom. Humans are barely tolerable, and useful only as servants and breeding stock. Other Uratha, especially non-Bone Shadows, are on shaky ground to begin with, and he can easily find a reason to hate them. As such, he spends most of his time alone, or with the spirits he summons from the depths of the spirit world.

Obadiah Pickering

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