Night's Call to Arms

The Man With Grief


In Urhan form, Call is a black wolf, with white “socks.” A long streak of white fur has grown along his side over the scar from the Predator Kings’ claws. In human form, he’s a tall white man, with unruly black hair that hangs down to the middle of his back. He rarely smiles anymore, and not even the joy of battle can thrill him.


Night’s Call to Arms is lost in his pain. Losing a packmate is always difficult for the Uratha, but Haunting Howl was his beta, and the two were closer than human words can describe. She was his confidante, his best friend and his voice of reason. Call (as his name is usually shortened) is a tactical genius, with an instinctive grasp of combat, but Haunting Howl planned the long-term strategies and gave the pack its direction. Call has healed the wounds caused by the Predator Kings’ klaives, but the loss, the failure, still burns in him like a silver thorn. His pack might be physically ready to strike back at the werewolves who took Haunting Howl’s life, but Call isn’t sure how to strike. The once-sure warrior has lost his nerve, and could be on the verge of running rabid. For now, he masks his indecision with stoicism, but the rest of the pack is getting antsy and eager to move.

Night's Call to Arms

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