The Man With the Mission


Moriarty dresses in black leathers, with expensive sunglasses. He likes motorcycles, though he’s not a good enough driver to handle one as well as he’d like.


Moriarty uses no other name in human or Uratha society. He likes the sound of it, as well as the air of menace he feels it implies. Now approaching only 17, Moriarty sees himself as a dark hero out of the movies and his pack as a band of outcast misfits who get results. The monsters they fight are as real to him as video game characters, and that includes bystanders caught in the crossfire. If the other packs don’t approve of his actions (and they don’t), that just confirms that they’re too old-school, and they need to see how a 21st-century werewolf does things.


From Mile-High Ashes VassilyOmega