Max Roman

The Man With the Dream


Roman cuts a tall and powerful figure. He’s in his mid-40s, though he looks a decade younger thanks to his werewolf metabolism. His hair is gray but full, and he wears a goatee in human form. He usually wears expensive business suits, but he always dresses for the occasion — anything from combat fatigues to cowboy boots, depending on the situation.


Max Roman is a werewolf with many secrets, not the least of which is how he uncovered Gurdilag’s ban. A general sense of his background is common knowledge around the Rockies, however. He was born to a wealthy Chicago family, among whose ancestry were several Iron Masters. He counts among his extended line of ancestors those Uratha who helped keep Marianna and her vampire cohorts from taking over Denver long ago. He moved to Denver himself as a young werewolf and remained there until he was driven out by Gurdilag’s usurpation. He drifted back toward Chicago in defeat until a spiritual breakthrough renewed his confidence. He rebuilt his Silver Syndicate pack and led it on a quest deep into the spirit wilds where they uncovered the secret of Gurdilag’s ban. He then returned to the embattled Rockies territories and forged the fractious packs of the area into a temporary but very powerful army.

Roman is a powerful, charismatic leader with a dream: uniting the Tribes of Luna under a common banner and goal. He personally believes that if the many packs of Forsaken across the continent were forged into a single Uratha force, they would be able to make whatever destiny they chose.

Max Roman

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