Robert "Jagged Sky" Fiero

The Man With the Burden


Jagged Sky is only 18 years old. He has an easy smile, though it has run to weary of late, as well as curly black hair that women love to run their fingers through. He’s a sharp dresser with an eye for fine clothing.


Robert Fiero believes in Max Roman’s dream of broad tribal unity. Max is his mentor and has tutored him since the young Iron Master went through his First Change a year ago. He was taught that tolerance is the only way the Tribes of the Moon can truly achieve their rightful role as accepted guardians of the Gauntlet. What he was never taught was how to make the dream a reality. He assumed that it would just sort of happen because the other werewolves in his pack believe in the dream, but it hasn’t — and they don’t, at least not in their hearts.

He tries to be a leader to his pack, but the others don’t always follow his instructions. Roman has told him that it will take time, but it’s not working. Jagged Sky talks and talks until his throat’s hoarse. The problem is that he never leads, and while some inter-tribal packs fall into place with ease, others require a more forceful hand.

When not trying desperately to hold his pack together, Jagged Sky is learning from Tycho Champlain. An amateur astronomer before his First Change, Robert is learning about the more mystical aspects of the night sky.

Robert "Jagged Sky" Fiero

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