Iron Soul

The Man With the Responsibility


Iron Soul is short, only five and a half feet tall. Few ever notice that, though, as his raw presence and charisma tend to overwhelm. He has ebony skin, with a few Uratha glyphs as tattoos that stand out. He shaves his head and face. His voice is deep and rich, and he speaks with an almost musical accent. He looks fearsome, though his voice can set one instantly at ease, or terrify an enraged Rahu. He smiles often, but he doesn’t show teeth unless he’s issuing a challenge. He tends to dress in rugged outdoor clothes that can last in one of the wildest places on Earth, though when traveling off the mountain on business, he wears whatever is appropriate.


Iron Soul is a powerful and enigmatic figure that few non-Meninna will ever meet. Many Cahalith sing his praises, so his deeds are well known, if the man himself isn’t. Iron Soul was born to the previous alpha of Mountain’s Proud Children, Stronger than Wind. He traveled the world with a multi-tribal pack for many years, so he’s worldly and educated. When his mother’s death approached, he returned to the mountain and challenged her for her position as alpha. She fought hard and bravely, but the outcome was never in doubt. After the battle, she walked with Iron Soul down into the deep caves under the caern. There, Iron Soul learned the secrets of the caern and what purpose it serves. His mother then walked off into the spirit wilds, never to be seen again.

Previous alphas of Mountain’s Proud Children enforced the bans of territory with deadly earnest, but today, foolish werewolves who attempt to enter their territory merely get mauled and sent home. Using the secrets Iron Soul learned in his travels around the world, the spiritual defenses of the locus are the strongest they have been in centuries.

Iron Soul

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