Jerry "Duke" Needham

The Man Who is a Legacy


Duke’s in his early 40s, with a sun-weathered face and gray in his black hair. He has an infectious smile and an enviable knack with the ladies. He talks with a Texan’s drawl. He’s rarely seen without his trademark biker jacket, covered with symbols both ordinary and arcane. In wolf form, he is a gray wolf, usually with the same twinkle in his eyes that he has in Hishu form.


Jerry “Duke” Needham is the latest alpha of the Scar Angels and a second-generation member of the pack. He’s been with the Scar Angels since the mid-’80s and has been alpha since 1996, when Meathook perished in a scrap with homicidal road-spirits. While he has hunger and aggression in abundance, he balances it with the keen awareness of a natural leader. He comes off as a slowtalking good ol’ boy, but make no mistake: One doesn’t become a pack alpha by being a dull-witted pacifist. Duke can go from a smirk to a snarl instantly, and his general good humor vanishes when provoked.

He has no patience for cops who abuse their authority, though a few honest state troopers are allowed to share a beer with him and brag about it to their buddies. And, for all of his daredevil exploits on his beloved Harley, he despises those who endanger travelers on his roads. More than a few medical examiners have come to accident scenes to discover corpses with high blood alcohol levels and unexplainable injuries inconsistent with any automobile wreck.

Jerry "Duke" Needham

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